Fina's Pasta con Le Sarde


For the sugo and pasta

  • Chop then gently boil your fennel until soft then leave in the water to soak until it’s needed.

  • Fry the shallot in a glug of oil on a medium to low heat until golden and soft.

  • Add 7 anchovies for a salty kick and fry with the shallot.

  • Once the anchovies have broken down, add the raisins and pine nuts

  • Swiftly follow with the fresh sardines

  • Scoop in 4 heaped tablespoons of rich tomato paste

  • Add the white wine to your sauce (or sugo)

  • Drain and add your cooked fennel.

  • Check your sauce and add enough water to cover your ingredients and begin simmering to make a loose sauce.

  • Add 1 tsp sugar and a hefty pinch of salt.

  • Simmer on a low heat and cover. Once your oil has risen to the surface and the layer of scum has cleared (cook until this has all gone!), that’s when your sugo is ready.

  • When this happens, put your water on for your pasta. Fina uses Bucatini pasta but feel free to use whichever pasta you prefer.

For the Povero Cheese

  • Begin to toast the bread crumbs in a non stick frying pan.

  • Add a healthy glug of olive oil to wet the breadcumbs and distribute across the breadcrumbs in the pan by stirring.

  • Stir until they are golden then sprinkle over your pasta before serving.


350g fennel

One large shallot, finely diced

¼ cup of good olive oil (or enough to cover bottom of pan)

7 tinned anchovies

1 cup of mixed raisins and pine nuts

700g sardines, de-headed and chopped up

Tomato paste

200ml white wine

Bucatini Pasta 100g per person eating.

2 cups of bread crumbs