Nicole's Cointreau Tarte Oranges


  • Preheat the oven to 180degrees

  • Chop the butter into a measuring bowl – put into microwave to melt slightly

  • Add the sugar to the butter and beat with a wooden spoon

  • Slowly add the flour to the mix and keep beating

  • Beat with a wooden spoon then swap to hands to bring together into a crumbly mix

  • Pour the mix into the base of your pie dish and push down with hands – pushing mix up the sides slightly

  • Place into the oven for 20 minutes

  • While the pastry bakes, prepare the filling and the oranges for decoration

Tarte filling

  • Measure out sugar into a blender

  • Add two eggs and yeast and blend

  • Add orange juice and 1 tbsp (generous) of Cointreau and blend

  • For the top, prepare two sliced oranges

  • Slice ends off and then down each side to remove all peel

  • Turn onto its side and slice into rounds 2-3 cm thick (each orange should made about 8)


  • When pastry is ready and slightly browned, pour the orange juice mix over

  • Arrange the orange slices on top (they will sink – not a problem)

  • Sprinkle a generous layer of brown sugar over the top of the dish

  • Return to the oven for a further 20 minutes

Grandmere Cointreau says:

Serve hot or cold

Serve as a dessert or with afternoon tea

Use spray Cointreau to finish!


Tarte dish – 16inches

100g caster sugar

Juice of 2 oranges

2 eggs

0.5 tsp yeast

1 tbsp Cointreau

2 whole oranges for topping

Brown sugar for dusting


150g unsalted butter

100g caster sugar

200g flour



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